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Manual Blood Pressure Monitor

According to the UN’s `Minamata Convention on Mercury`, it is prohibited to manufacture, import, export and use mercury from 2020. To prevent and support the prohibition of using mercury, it is essential to adapt mercury-free blood pressure monitor in medical field.

These technologies ensure that you follow proper testing protocols each time for accurate readings.

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What’s new about the BPBIO 220?


Marks blood pressure and controls exhaust speed with one hand.


Detects ambient brightness and automatically turns On / Off.


Checks all of the results at a glance.

Convenient controller

For marking blood pressure and controlling exhaust speed with one hand.

*Patent No.: 10-2017-0009579

Smart backlight

Smart backlight detects the ambient brightness and automatically turns on/off. This can help the doctors to go for round-ups at night without disturbing other patients.

Large LCD

You can easily check all the results (systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse) with large LCD.

BPBIO220 Features

Pulse measurement:
Automatically display pulse after completing blood pressure measurement
Blood pressure mark:
Records blood pressure on the LCD using the mark button
Compact Storage:
Easier design to keep the air-bulb or controller
Angle control:
Angle adjustable to user’s eye level for easy reading
Emergency detection:
Automatic rapid exhaust at cuff pressure of 320mmHg or more
Automatic power saving:
Automatic power saving when waiting for more than 2 minutes

Various cuff sizes

M-size cuff will be provided with the device.
Other various cuff size options are available (optional purchase) according to the patient’s arm circumference.

Choose depending on the hospital environment

Desk type


Convenient to carry and store.
(Weight: approx. 1kg)

Mobile stand type


Convenient to move around with 5-wheel mobile stand.

Core specifications

Measurement method
Korotkoff sound system
Measurement area
Left or right upper arm
Pressurization method
Manual pressurization by air bulb
Decompression method
Variable wheel switch or variable exhaust valve system
22-32 cm (M size base)
Measurement range
Pressure (numerical value): 0-320 mmHg Pressure (bar): 20-300 mmHg Pulse: 30-240
Beats/minute accuracy
Pressure (numerical value): ±3 mmHg Pressure (bar): ±4 mmHg Pulse: Within ±5%
Minimum scale unit
Pressure (numerical value): 1 mmHg Pressure (bar): 2 mmHg
Measurement result
Systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse

Other specifications

Rated Power
DC 6V, 2A (four 1.5V AA-size batteries or dedicated AC Adaptor)
Rated Input
AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A (dedicated AC Adaptor)
Operating environment
Temperature 10-40˚C, Humidity 30-85%, Pressure 70-106 kPa
Storage environment
Temperature -20-60˚C, Humidity 10-85%, Pressure 50-106 kPa
Electrical protection
Internal power unit BF mounting part (mounting part: Cuff)
BPBIO220: Approx. 1050g (excluding batteries)
BPBIO220T: Approx. 7000 g (excluding batteries)
BPBIO220: 98 (W) × 73 (H) × 320 (L) mm
BPBIO220T: Approx. 560 (W) × 1350-2000 (H) × 560 (L) mm
Manufacturing country
Republic of Korea
InBody Co., Ltd.

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