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Accurate & Convenient Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

The BPBIO 250 is automatic and easy-to-use. The one-touch cuff, recognized as a patented technology, makes the measurement easier and more accurate by tightly fitting the patient’s arm. The selectable five measurement modes optimized the usage in various environments.

These technologies ensure that you follow proper testing protocols each time for accurate readings.

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“The  InBody BPBIO250 professional oscillometric device for office BP measurement fulfilled all the requirements of the AAMI/ESH/ISO Universal Standard (ISO 81060-2:2018) in general population and can be recommended for clinical use.”

Anastasios Kollias, Areti Gravvani, Ioannis Anagnostopoulos, Konstantinos G. Kyriakoulis, Ioanna Bountzona, Ariadni Menti and George S. Stergiou. (2020). Validation of the InBody BPBIO250 oscillometric blood pressure monitor for professional office use in general population according to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation/European Society of Hypertension/International Organization for Standardization Universal Standard.

What’s new about the BPBIO 250?


Five selectable measurement modes according to the treatment environment.


Automatic rolling one-touch cuff.
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Repeatable 500 times without battery replacement.

Five measurement methods

Different measurement methods depending on the patient’s condition. Use BPBIO 250’s five different measurement modes to measure patient’s blood pressure more conveniently.

NORMAL MODE – Standard measurement mode

Automatic one-time measurement

AUSCULT MODE – Stethoscope mode

Manual one-time measurement (Stethoscope use, pressure value display)

CYCLE MODE – Self-measurement mode

1 to 6 times of automatic repeat measurement (number of times and duration can be set)

CYCLE RANGE MODE – Self-measurement + Range setting mode

1 to 6 times of automatic repeat measurement, and recording measured value if evading from the set blood pressure value

CYCLE HIDE MODE – Self-measurement + Hiding measured value mode

1 to 6 times of automatic repeat measurement, and hiding measured value (minimize blood pressure change by eliminating psychological factors)

One-touch cuff recognized as a patented technology

The one-touch cuff is easily wearable according to the personal arm circumference and makes the measurement more convenient and accurate.

Back light LCD

Easy to check results in dark environments such as nightly care.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Fully charging takes for approx. 4 hours, and about 500 times of measurements are possible on a full-charge.

Cuff rack and curl cable

For easy cuff storage.

BPBIO250 Features

Broad measurement range
Pressure: 0-300 mmHg, Pulse: 30-240 bpm
Excellent visibility with large display
Systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate, date, and time display
Memory function
Save up to 99 measurements
Status detection function
Cuff wearing status, motion detection, irregular pulse wave detection
4 steps of pressurization values
Auto, 220, 250, 280 mmHg
Application of low noise motor
Quiet measurement with low noise motor
Automatic power saving function
Enters power saving mode when idle for more than 5 minutes
Bluetooth function support

Various cuff sizes

M-size cuff will be provided with the device.
Other various cuff size options are available (optional purchase) according to the patient’s arm circumference.

Cart-type stand

Convenient to move around with 5-wheel mobile stand. Basket to store different sizes cuffs, charts, etc.

Core specifications

Product name
Automatic electronic blood pressure monitor (BPBIO250)
Measurement method
Oscillometric method
Automatic pressurization method
Automatic exhaust method
Measurement range
Pressure: 0-300 mmHg, Pulse: 30-240 bpm
Degree of precision
Pressure: ±3 mmHg, Pulse: Within ±3%
Minimum scale unit
1 mmHg
Measurement results
Systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse rate
Measurement time
Approx. 30 seconds on average (20-50 seconds depending on the pulse and blood pressure value)
Pressurization time
Approx. 15 seconds
M-size cuff (only for arm circumference 22 to 32 cm), not made of natural rubber latex

Functional specifications

Display method
Digital display method (Custom segment LCD)
Measurement mode
Five measurement modes (NORMAL, AUSCULT, CYCLE, CYCLE RANGE, and CYCLE HIDE)
Number of measurements
About 500 times (when the lithium-ion battery is fully charged)
Back light
Back light operation for one minute during button operation
Saving blood pressure values
Saving up to 99 times
Energy saving
Enters power saving mode when idle for more than 5 minutes
Checking status
Cuff wearing status, motion detection, irregular pulse wave detection
Setting pressure value
Auto, 220, 250, 280 (mmHg)
External interface
Bluetooth function support
S-size cuff (for arm circumference 17 to 22 cm)
L-size cuff (for arm circumference 32 to 42 cm)

Other specifications

Rated Power
DC 6V, 2A (four 1.5V AA-size batteries or dedicated AC Adaptor)
Rated Input
AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A (dedicated AC Adaptor)
Lithium-ion Battery
1 DC 3.63V, 2600mAh
AA battery
4 DC 6V
Approx. 122 (W) × 150 (L) × 195 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 1105 g (Main unit: Approx. 767 g, Lithium-ion battery: Approx. 47 g, Cuff: Approx. 144 g, AC adapter: Approx. 147 g)
Package weight
Approx. 1.3 kg
Operating environment
10-40°, 15-85% RH, 70-106 kPa
Storage environment
-10-70°, 10-85% RH, 50-106kPa (No Condensation)
Manufacturing country
Republic of Korea
InBody Co., Ltd.

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