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Luke Veebel at UFC gym

InBody welcomes a new addition to the team!

By Press

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to come under some control in the UK, companies are awakening to a new era. InBody UK is definitely one of those companies, with a strong sales position retained throughout the pandemic, simply due to the public awareness and need of accurate health screening. With InBody keeping on top of relevant and medically graded products having launched their home scale, blood pressure monitors, digital height machine and The Band, there is lots going on and the expansion of the team was inevitable.

Luke Veebel is half English half Estonian (interesting fact check). Luke has had a stellar career in Rugby representing Leicester Lions, Leicestershire county and has also played for Estonia. Luke is a lover of all sports, and to quote Luke, he is currently on a gym tour rather than a rugby one right now, which he is fully embracing and enjoying getting to know new and existing clients. Luke loves to ski, travel and eat!!

Luke joined InBody to make a difference to the UK, through education of health and the importance of a balanced lifestyle. To work for a company at the forefront of this and getting to see all aspects of health, not just gyms and fitness but medical and the UK’s public sector in terms of NHS, police, fire service and the forces.

Welcome to the team Luke!